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"I would very highly recommend Jacob for your project!  We have worked with him since 2002 and have been more than satisfied with his work ethic, reliability and outstanding knowledge of Access and other computer technology.  He designed and built a very large and complicated database for us from scratch, which included customer inquiry and order tracking, accounts receivable and payable, customer service and marketing, product information, financial reports and numerous other features unique to our business  (mailing list brokerage).  Over the years we continued to work with Jacob to add additional features to the program.  At times we presented him with some pretty challenging requests, but he was always able to resolve any difficult issues and provide us with a satisfactory finished product, often better than what we had envisioned.  He is always a pleasure to work with."

Janet Byrum
Byrum & Fleming
San Anselmo, California



To function seamlessly in a business environment, databases must be well organized, clear and accessible to the people who use them. By listening carefully to clients' objectives and working collaboratively with those actually using the database, I design MS Access applications that can significantly streamline work flow, improve communication and provide meaningful interpretation and analysis of events related to daily enterprise. I strive for elegant simplicity. - Specializing in Comfortable and Efficient User Interfaces: Beyond User-Friendly

Several examples of user interfaces I've designed appear below, illustrating ways well designed forms can guide people to enter information quickly, easily and accurately.

The comments I hear most often and enjoy hearing most are: "This database makes my work go so much more quickly!" and "I can't imagine how we ever got along before we had this database!"

Data Entry Form Examples (click to enlarge):
Incident Tracking & Follow-up Entry Form
Incident Tracking & Follow-up
Library Catalog Entry Form Report Definition Form
Library Catalog Entry Form
Report Definition Form
Customer Information Form Order Entry Form
Customer Information Form
Order Entry Form
Custom Data Collection Forms
Custom Data Collection Forms
Client Tracking Form
Client Tracking Form
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